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Carla Fukumori studied at the Animal Behavioral College and have the appropriate training for behavior modification to teach whatever breed of dog you own. She is also certified in Pet CPR and Pet First Aid. Her passion is to help man’s best friend be the best they can be and have a loving relationship with their masters.

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//Pet & Dog Sitting//


Bark & Learn in Rye Brook, New York, offers trustworthy pet and dog sitting when you go on vacation or end up stuck at work. In addition to taking care of your dog/pet during the day, we provide the following services:

  • Dog Sitting in our facility
  • Dog Daycare
  • Reiki Energy Healing (For Anxious Pets)
  • Puppy Care

Reasonable Rates:

  • $100 and up per Night and up-XL Dogs (85 pounds and up) (Ex. Leonbergers, etc)
  • $85 and up per Night up—Large Dogs (65 pounds-85 pounds)  (Ex. Standard Goldeendoodles, Standard Bernedoodle)
  • $80 and up per Night and up medium-Size Dogs (40 pounds-65 pounds) (Ex. Mini Bernedoodle, Beagle)
  • $75 per Night and up —Small Size Dogs (11 pounds-35 pounds) (Ex. Havanese, Shith Zu, small mini goldendoodles)
  • $70 per Night— Miniature, Toy Dogs
  • $20 and up—Drop-Off or Pickup for Groomer (depending upon location) For 1 dog, Any additional dog $5 extra
  • $25—Drop-Off & Pickup to the Vet for up to One Hour ($25 per Extra Hour) For 1 dog, Any additional dog $5 extra the hour
  • $20 and up—Pickup & Drop-Off when Dog sitting at our facility (depending upon location)
  • $15—Extra for National Holidays for 1 dog & $20 for 2 dogs
  • $30—Feed cats and clean 1 litter box (25-Minute each Visit, each additional litter box is $7)
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We welcome all types of dogs, including catering to puppies with socialization and special-needs dogs, and do not believe in discrimination. Just call to make an appointment. We even accommodate last minute appointments.